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Stake Pool.

We are an offical stake pool operator in the cardano network. Our Devise: For each minted block, we will plant a real Tree.

Support the climate protection, and get Rewards in ADA (₳).  OneTreeBlock [OTB].

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WAIT... Why should you stake with us?
Well, with every single block we minted, you will be rewarded with ADA (₳). Furthermore, we will plant a real tree to support the climate protection.

Step 1.

Delegate your ADA (₳) to [OTB]


Step 2.

We mint blocks.



Step 3.

You earn rewards in every epoch.


Step 4.

We plant real trees.



We do everything to reach the best performance.

24/7 uptime

No locking

Save Keys

Cloud Server

up to 4 Relays

up to two Block Producer

1000 MBit/s, 7 ms latency

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS OS

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Our specifications.

Imagine: This is just the beginning.

Together we can make the world a better place . . .

Pool-Name: Onetreeblock Live
Ticker: OTB
Pool-ID: pool15ty42f8jmnd5y3ys5km3y66cy6emnqfx6yfwsm6ral0zwrs3ktj
Pool Pledge: 50.000 ₳
Fixed Fee´s: 340 ₳
Pool margin: 0,99%
Recent ROA: 8%
Saturation: 3% > 90%
Live Stake: 3m ₳

. . . OneTreeBlockuse pool margin to grow trees,

but also our business! 

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Fees - What do the cost and fee mean?

From the rewards, OTB pool earns per epoch, a fixed fee of 340 ₳ and a variable fee of 3.99% are conducted and given to the operator. This covers the pool costs and planting the trees. Excess rewards will be shared with the delegators. So the fees relate to the pool rewards and not to your stake. You will never lose money with staking.

Risk - Has the pool operator control over my ADA (₳)?

No, your funds are always safe in your wallet! Basically, if you delegate, you register a certificate on the blockchain.

Performance - Are cloud server better than local server?

The simple answer: Yes! Because server runtimes are very important. As soon as the internet or electricity in the local area ceases to exist, we no longer participates in the consensus. As a result, we don’t get any blocks and you don’t get any rewards. You don’t have this problem with cloud computing.

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One Block, One Tree!

As soon as rewards are distributed, we will plant a tree for every produced block. As simple as it sounds, isn´t it ?

The cardano blockchain distributes network control across stake pools: node operators with the infrastructure required to ensure a consistent and reliable connection to the network. For each slot, a stake pool is assigned as the slot leader, and is rewarded for adding a block to the chain. We are the stake pool operator that needs your delegation, so we can plant as many trees as possible. Each delegator receives rewards, every epoch through our pool. As soon as rewards are distributed we will plant a tree for every produced block. In this respect, every delegator receives rewards and at the same time does something for the environment.

Ready to make the World a better place?
Pool-Name: OneTreeBlock
Ticker: OTB
Pool-ID: pool15ty42f8jmnd5y3ys5km3y66cy6emnqfx6yfwsm6ral0zwrs3ktj
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