Our Mission

Let´s make our Planet a better Place.

We are focused on planting the tree species that primarily most absorb Co2 in Europe.

Keep in mind: A healthy, large, old tree produces oxygen for 10 people a day.

The Beech Tree

An average Beech Tree has a dry weight of 1.9 t. Consequently 0.95 t of carbon
or 3.5 t CO2 per tree can be saved.

The Oak Tree

An average Oak Tree has a height of 30 m and diameter at breast height (diameter at 1.3 m height) 35 cm: 1,300 to 2,000 kg CO2.

The Pine Tree

An average Pine Tree has a height of 40 m and diameter at breast height (diameter at 1.3 m height) 55 cm: 4,200 to 5,700 kg CO2.

We can only achieve the 2023 goals together.

Our Devise: One Block, One Tree !

Our main goal is to absord more than 12.500 Kg / Co2 trough our planted trees. To achieve this goal we need as many delegators as possible. The probability of producing blocks increases with every ADA (₳) we manage in our pool. As a result, we can plant more trees. This also means you will get more rewards on your delegation. It takes about 80 trees for one tonne of CO2 absorption, meaning producing of approximately 1.000 Blocks and an euqivalent of 1.000 Trees. So, help us to reach the bars and start delegating your ADA (₳) to [OTB] !

Planted 1.000 Trees 0
Absord 12.500 kg/Co2 0
Produce 1.000 Blocks 0
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Responsible for all technical implementations.


Responsible for all support and marketing areas

Our Forest grows.

All Trees are verified to the Cardano Blockchain. Check out the QR-Code.

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Do you like to collaborate with us? It would be a pleasure!

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